10 Super Cool Gadgets For Architects

Architecture is a profession of gadgets. These gadgets help us effectively execute our work and fulfill our tasks. This is a list of 10 awesome gadgets for architects, designers and engineers.

1. Laser Measure

Laser tape measures are alternatives to traditional metal tape measures; they’re used to calculate lengths, widths and heights of up to about 198 meters. This device works by sending a pulse of laser light to the target and measures the time it takes for the reflection to return.

Bosch laser measure is very popular and has an impressive accuracy of 1 mm.

Architects certainly need this!

2. 3D Printer

This is the process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession.

For architects, 3D printing means design freedom and time savings, because detailed and complex models can easily and quickly be made. 3D printing can not only be used for detailed models but also for presentation models printed to quickly pitch designs

3. Smart Pen

Gadgets For Architects

This gadget seamlessly converts everything you write on paper to a digital format viewable on your devices. Smartpen enables you to easily share your drawings and automatically back up everything you write.

These pens are similar to ordinary pens in terms of size and weight. They also use actual ink, making it possible for you to write with them.

Gadgets For Architects
Neo smart Pen

Architects and designers will love this gadget as it will allow them to keep digital records of all sketches for future use and reference. So, as you sketch, it records.

4. VR Glasses

Virtual reality (VR) is fast gaining ground among architects but hasn’t become widespread. Tech experts are saying that it would change the world in a generation’s time.

VR glasses (HMD) are worn to get cinematic experiences of real-time visualization. That is, when you wear these head-mounted devices (HMD) connected to powerful computers, you see virtual 3D images and animations in real-time. You can move around these virtually created spaces to experience them more.

Virtual reality technology is mainstream in the gaming industry but still growing in the architecture and design world. However, architects can use this gadget to deepen the experiences of architectural designs for themselves and their clients.

5. Pocket Projectors

These are powerful pocket-size gadgets capable of projecting images and videos for large-screen viewing. HDMI, USB or micro SD slots are their ports for connection.

These are very useful to architects and designers for quick presentations on the go.

6. Portable Colour Digitizers

Cube is the most popular portable colour digitizer. This gadget can capture any colour on any surface with its advanced colour digitizing features. This gadget is extremely useful to architects and interior designers for seeing colours and getting colours.

Practically, you can use it in several ways:

  • to check if the exact paint colours you specified during the design is been used.
  • To capture colours you like from other projects or magazines, in order to use them in your projects.

7. Wireless Flash Drives

This gadget provides quick, convenient, wireless and seamless transfer of documents from all devices to its storage. It is portable and can work with multiple devices: laptops, tabs, phones etc.

Since architects are already familiar with the use of the classic flash drive, its wireless counterpart won’t be difficult to integrate into their routine, after all, it is convenient to use and provides document backup on the go.

8. Noise-cancelling headphones

Immersive listening experiences are the purpose of these gadgets. They cut noise to its barest minimum making you less distracted and able to concentrate on the task in front of you.

All designers know the distracting nature of noise and how it slows down or aborts the creative process of design. Thus, noise-cancelling headphones is a must-have for architects.

Gadgets For Architects
Sony headset

9. Lightweight  collapsible chair

This is a lightweight camp chair that folds down small. It is easy to set up and is the perfect blend between comfortable, portable and durable

Gadgets For Architects

Collapsible chairs may be an unusual gadget to feature here, however, it is an indispensable items for architects who frequent construction sites. In order not to stand for long hours, he uses this chair. Since they can conveniently be packed and carried, they become handy.

10. Solar Papers

These are miniature solar panels that can conveniently fit into a regular-size book. Its dimension isn’t bigger than an A4 paper size. It charges almost any device that charges with USB. Output is 5V, 500mA per panel.

It can charge phones, tabs and laptops of architects and designers on the go to always keep their devices powered up.

Gadgets For Architects
Yolk Solar Paper

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