21 things you can do with an Architecture Degree

How often do you ponder on profitable things you can do with an Architecture Degree? Interestingly there are over 21 things you can do.

Most architects as we know are very creative individuals who thrive in creative environments, however, architecture is more than Creativity, it also requires knowledge in the Theoretical and Practical, therefore, it is within these 3 aspects that architects find an alternative career path.

1. Furniture making and design.

Who else in the built environment is better suited to designing furniture for buildings other than one with an architecture degree?

He has been trained in anthropometrics; architectural and interior design; creative thinking; the use, nature and strength of materials etc.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Furniture design via @ile.ila on Instagram. Ile.ila (house of lines) is a Nigerian lifestyle and furniture design brand founded by Tosin Oshinowo who studied architecture.

2. Photography

Architecture degree holders, since their school days, have been taught to produce framed presentations within borderlines; using light, shade and shadow; hue, tint and tone.

Principles such as unity, proportions, rhythm, symmetry and even architectural photography are used, therefore, giving him the basic knowledge required in photography.

In addition, his creative tilt and his desire to achieve beauty in all his design works make him very suited for the field of photography.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Architectural photography via @iampixpac on Instagram. Pixpac is a UK-based photography outfit founded by Femi Olaiya who studied architecture.

3. Computer Graphics and media.

Graphics is not new to architecture graduates because, in the course of his schooling, he was trained in graphics, design, visual communications, freehand sketches, colour utilization and form manipulation etc.

His early exposure to various graphics software makes it easy for him to integrate manuals with computer graphics.

Certainly, the foundation of the architecture degree holder far surpasses that of most professionals if they are to delve into graphics.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Graphics design via @cheretcreatives on Instagram. Cheretcreatives is a Nigerian-based brand, ideas, identity and design consulting agency founded by Ekundayo Akinwale who studied architecture.

4. 3D visualization, renderings, animations and video games

This is another field your architecture degree will distinguish you because of your orientation and training.

Most renderings, animation and video games involve people, buildings, visual perception and realism; and this is an area architecture graduates are grounded in.

Most young architects are already skilled in the use of 3D software and hardware. So why not explore this as an additional source of revenue to the services you already render?

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Rendering and Animation via @taiwoluwaseyi on Instagram. Taiwo Olusaeyi is a Nigerian-based 3D and animation expert who studied architecture.

5. Interior design.

You may be shocked to know that not all architects engage in interior design. If you have the flare for it why not explore it?

You could even combine it with furniture design. Interior design is a very lucrative aspect of design.

An architecture degree holder with a flair for interiors will thrive in it because he has the basic knowledge.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Interior design via @tayo.chris on Instagram. Tayo Chris is a Nigerian-based Interior and furniture designer who studied architecture.

6. Landscape architecture.

Who else is suited for landscape architecture and design besides someone who holds an architecture degree and especially those who have flair for working with the natural environment and the outdoors?

In addition to landscape designing, you could also construct them, which will shore up more revenue for your firm.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Landscape design via Designedscapes Limited. Designedscapes limited is a Nigerian landscape architecture firm founded by Uduma-Olugu who studied architecture.

7. Model makings, Packaging, and Greeting cards.

Holders of architecture degrees right from their school days are taught how to make physical models, in the process they learn about paper and composite materials; precise gluing and cutting; assembling and decorating etc.

Therefore with this knowledge, creativity and a flair for putting things together with your hands, you are certainly sure to succeed in the packaging of items, model making, greeting cards etc.

In addition, you can also include the use of 3D printers to expand your market shares.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Model making via @David Omuabor on Facebook. David Omuabor is a Nigerian-based model maker who studied architecture.

8. Art

Before now several major artists moved from art to architecture and vice versa because of their close creative tie, e.g Michelangelo, Demas Nwoko etc.

Therefore creative art in all its forms is an area architecture degree holders who have the flare can delve into.

It could be painting, music, sculpture, drawings and even industrial design.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Painting; Adam and eve by Demas Nwoko. Demas is a Nigerian-based artist and architect whose style of architecture is traditional.

9. Product and industrial design.

Because this involves the creative design, holders of architecture degrees are also suited for it even though the mode of construction is different from architecture.

Good knowledge of CAD (computer-aided design) is needed these days which architects have. Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright to Renzo Piano have at some point engaged in industrial design.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Product design; Speakers by David Adjaye. David is a Ghanaian British architect.

10. Software and App development

Since architects and engineers are the major users of this software and apps they definitely have a role to play in its creation and function. Therefore, holders of architecture degrees are well suited to manage and pioneer these software/app designs and development.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Software design via @cleecdesigns on Instagram. Cleec design is a Nigerian architecture, computer graphics and software design firm founded by Okolie Uchechukwu who studied architecture.

11. Teaching and researching at the university

Who else is best suited to teach architecture other than the holder of an architecture degree?

A major beauty in being a lecturer or teacher is that you deepen your knowledge as you teach/research and also afford yourself time to practice as a professional.

12. Private tutoring

I know a lot of architects who teach trainees with architecture degrees, preparing them for their professional examinations.

By so doing they are contributing to the growth of the profession while making money. Besides teaching for professional exams you can also teach CAD (computer-aided design) software, BIM (building information modelling) software and 3D rendering software to architects.

It may be shocking, but some architects are not skilled in the use of this software and would be glad to learn.  In addition, you can give lectures at conferences or conduct seminars for architects and allied professionals.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Tutoring via @chronosstudeos on Instagram. Chronos studeos is a Nigerian architecture and Computer graphics firm founded by Hassan and Hussein Anifowose, Hassan studied architecture.

13. Writing and blogging

Holders of architecture degrees may not be the most suited for this, especially because they are more in tune with communicating graphically than in words (written words).

But where they can thrive in writing or blogging is in writing about things they have information on, training in or passion for.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Blogging via @archccess on Facebook. Archccess is a Nigerian-based architecture blog founded by Ehimen Ebhomien who studied architecture.

14. Journalism, reviews and Magazine

Sometimes I feel no one would have done the MTV cribs show better than an architect. Today there are a lot of TV shows centred around architecture such as million-dollar Listings, grand design, extreme engineering etc including several documentaries on architects and architecture.

Even though I know it will not come that easy for the holder of an architecture degree to become a journalist but they have the basic knowledge for pioneering or hosting some of these shows because it’s in their field.

Besides TV shows there are a lot of print and online magazines and websites dedicated to an architecture where an architect can be fully engaged.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Online magazine via @livinspaces on Instagram. Livinspaces Is a Nigerian-based online architecture and design magazine

15. Activism and environmentalism

Architecture degree holders because of their training can in addition to practicing, advocate as activists for the conservation of the environment both natural and built.

This is in order to create awareness and action aimed at protecting this environment. This is so needed right now because of the current development in climate change; extreme weather conditions.

16. Design-Build

Here holders of architecture degrees will need to be licensed before they can act as architects. Design-build is when an architect does not only design but goes further to build what he has designed.

Certainly, this is an avenue for more revenue to the firm since construction is a capital intensive project and its duration lingered longer than design, so the firm will be busy with the project until handover while charging for all the services it will render during construction.

Also, you may not need so many projects to stay afloat any longer, since construction project brings in more revenue than design-only projects and last longer.

Kindly ensure that you have the skills required for construction before delving into it.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Design-Build via @playinarchitecture on Instagram. Play in architecture is a Nigerian-based Design-Build firm founded by Tona Ladega who studied architecture.

17. Construction

Unlike design-build, construction involves the building of anybody’s design not necessarily yours. Here you become a building contractor, which is separate from your architecture consultancy.

The holder of an architecture degree is very suited to coordinate construction projects because of his training and practical knowledge, all he will need in addition are specialists to work together with him to achieve success.

18. Sales (online)

This is an area that needs to be explored more by holders of architecture degrees, especially when these sales are of items and materials used in the building industry.

I know architects who run online stores for furniture and interior items.  The beauty of this is that you play to your area of strength because the architect is equipped when it comes to managing and handling furniture and other interior items.

Archccess | What can I do with an Architecture Degree
Online sales via @chronosstores on Instagram. Chronos store is a Nigerian Online store founded by Hassan and Hussein Anifowose, Hassan studied architecture.

19. Sales (physical stores)

I know architecture firms that specialize in the sales of building materials and items to complement their consultancy services.

They have sections in their offices where they sell lighting fittings, furniture, bathroom fittings, water closets, faucets, wall finishes, wallpapers etc.

The beauty of this is that since they are in the same line of business the chances of a single client patronizing both offices are high.

And if this firm is also into construction or design-build it can easily and cheaply buy from itself, which is good business.

20. Post-construction cleaning

This has become a fast-rising venture among holders of architecture degrees. It involves the professional cleaning of construction sites by a team of trained cleaners at the end of building construction.

It is most suitable for architecture graduates. because of their knowledge of buildings and construction; their thorough and meticulous nature; and their eye for detail.

Furthermore, most cleaning projects come from other architects, and it’s easier for architects to network and patronize themselves.

Post-construction cleaning via @cleanam_ng on Instagram. Cleanam is a Nigerian professional post-construction company founded by Ebisike  Tochukwu, who studied architecture.

21. Printing Companies

Architects undertake a lot of printing, presentations and online correspondences because of the nature of their work. So by default, most architects have printers, computers and access to the internet in their offices.

Furthermore, architects are generally more concerned about the look and presentation of their works, than other professionals and thus, are most suitable to assist other individuals in printing.

Today, architects have even taken it higher by setting up online printing firms and assisting other architects and engineers all over their cities. They print all sizes of drawings from A4 to A0 on different paper types and make delivery in record time.

Printing company via @printmydrawings on Instagram. Print my drawings is a Nigerian Online drawing print shop founded by Hassan and Hussein Anifowose, Hassan studied architecture.

20 thoughts on “21 things you can do with an Architecture Degree”

  1. Please sir I want to know if its a must to partake on NIA Exam/ being registered before you will be able to process any job in architecture with B.Tech/B.Sc degree.

    2ndly this jobs you listed, without being a registered architect how far can I go with the job without being tasked or disturbed or banned?
    I don’t know if you got my question

    1. Hi Cruz,

      No, you can choose not to be registered with either the NIA or ARCON, even though I recommend registration. Without registration, there are a lot of jobs you can take up except jobs for registered architects.

      All the jobs I listed can be undertaken by both architects and other professionals. You don’t need ARCON registration for that.

  2. Can someone set up a construction company in Nigeria after graduating with first degree in Architecture? I need an urgent reply please.

    1. Yes. Unlike architecture, small-scale construction isn’t strictly regulated. All you need is the knowledge, the right manpower, a couple of equipment, a few clients, and when you become big, a registered company with a licensed builder or civil engineer as a partner.

  3. Incredibly impressive. My boss studied Architecture and has engaged in a combination of these different areas. The article is very encouraging, in that, it showcases the versatility of one single profession, able to serve in a variety of ways. Kudos to Architect/s/ure!

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