2 Best Cities in Nigeria For Architects

Generally, cities with fast-growing infrastructural development and booming economic activity are always the best location for architects.

Whether you are a local or foreign architect seeking to move to a new city, Nigeria has several locations you can move to. Most major cities in Nigeria are good for architects as a variety of architectural projects are always available all year round. This may be a result of our fast-growing population and the attendant accommodation demands they attract, the growing commercial and business activities or the government’s involvement in infrastructural development.

Booming economic and government activities often provide the capital required to fund architectural projects and pay architects. However, the amount of opportunities available to architects and the degree to which these cities can steadily sustain a high volume of architectural patronage is what you need to know before relocating.

I will be exploring the 2 best cities that offer rewarding opportunities for architects to practice in Nigeria.

These 2 major cities will not only captivate you but also engage you. They are:


Lagos is the number one destination for Nigerian and foreign architects seeking to practice in the country. It is the commercial hub of the nation.

Lagos never lacks architectural and construction projects. Due to the diversity and size of the city, there are opportunities for architects to specialize in all areas of architecture and still get sufficient patronage to become successful. Lagos has opportunities for interior architects, landscape architects, urban designers, 3D architects/visualizers as well as regular architects.

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Most of the famous and contemporary architectural pieces in Nigeria are in Lagos. Examples include the defunct Makoko floating school, the civic center, Four point hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Nestoil Tower, Maryland mall, etc.

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The cosmopolitan city of Lagos is very welcoming to liberal ideas in design and creativity. It has expanded such that new coastal mini-cities like the Eko Atlantic and Banana Island were created to express these ideologies and expand opportunities for residents, architects, and investors.

Also, other new areas within the city have opened up for both commercial and residential use to absorb its fast-growing population. As these areas expand so do their buildings and infrastructure. The Lekki axis of Lagos is a major example.

The Lagos chapter of the Nigerian institute of architects is the major association of architects in the city. You can reach them to connect and socialize with local architects in Lagos.

Most of the big names in architecture in the country are headquartered in Lagos. Examples of architectural firms in Lagos are listed below. You can click on them to visit their websites.

Several works of internationally recognized architects such as David Adjaye, and Kunle Adeyemi have also been built in Lagos.


Abuja is the administrative capital of Nigeria and has been undergoing massive infrastructural development since its conception. A lot of its major constructions are government-driven hence the architectural opportunities may fluctuate as government circumstances changes.

Just like Lagos, Abuja encourages unique ideas in architectural designs which is evident in its buildings.

This city also boasts of a growing body of architects. The Abuja chapter of the Nigeria Institute of Architects is the major association of architects in the city.

Some successful architectural firms in Abuja are:

Famous building is the national ecumenical center, the Nigeria telecommunication commission, CBN headquarters, etc.

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