7 Unique Talents Most Architects have

Have you noticed how every profession bestows unique talents on its practitioners especially those who are passionate about it? Architecture is no exception. This article is on 10 unique talents Most Architects have.

Architects are uniquely talented individuals who sense, see and notice things that would ordinarily go unnoticed; as well as organize things in exciting ways. Among the several skills of architects are:

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects are creative

1. Architects are creative

Architects by their training are talented in the use of their imagination and in generating ideas. The creativity of the architect is the combination of both the analytic and the artistic parts of himself. With this talent of creativity, he is able to think outside the box, solve problems, proffer unusual solutions and contribute to his environment.

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects are problem solvers

2. Architects are problem solvers

Problem-solving is a part of the design process for architects. As a result, their minds have been trained to instantaneously analyze and solve problems; and propose alternatives on the go. And it is easier for them when these problems are spatial, functional or aesthetic. In addition, this talent of problem-solving can be brought to bear in other areas of life as the architect grows older and more experienced

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects are observant

3. Architects are observant

The eyes and mind are the most valuable resource of the architect. While with the mind the architect is creative with the eyes the architect observes. This talent enables the architect to notice the most visible things in the environment and quickly tell when something new has been brought in or when another has been taken out. It can be a new signpost, a newly painted home, a broken down vehicle on the road, a building demolition done overnight, a new foot mat at a friend’s doorstep and even your new shoes.

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects are dreamers

4. Architects are dreamers

Architects do not only think in 2 dimensions but also in 3 dimensions as a result of this talent they frequently find themselves joggling thoughts and visualizing things in their minds. This is why when clients explain their briefs to architects in words, lines and pictures the architect sees and experiences them mentally in 3D forms. So when next you discuss your design ideas and briefs with an architect ask him to tell you what he sees.

7 unique talents most architects have | Orderly

5. Architects are orderly

Architects are peculiar in the way they do things, there is always a method to their style. Even in the midst of seeming disorderliness, the architects are conscious of a unique order in that disorderliness. This talent helps his creativity and ability to produce designs.

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects love beauty

6. Architects have a strong affinity for beauty

Because most architects are drawn to beauty, they silently strive for perfection and aesthetic appeal in their works. This talent also enables architects to recognize beauty as well as errors from a distance, especially in buildings.

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects are confident

7. Architects are confident.

Most architects are confident and passionate about what they do and what they know, which sometimes can be mistaken for arrogance and pride. The role of the architect in the building industry is so pivotal that a lack of confidence can ruin his practice.

7 unique talents most architects have | Architects are stylish
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8. Architects are stylish.

Just like the products they produce, architects want to exude unique appeal (not necessarily aesthetic appeal), which is noticeable either in the way they dress, the furniture they use in their homes and offices, the car they drive, the house they leave in, the laptops and gadgets they use, the kind of pen or pencil they write with etc.

So if you are creative, a problem solver, observant, a dreamer, orderly, loves beauty, confident and stylish then architecture is for you and if you are not, the study and practice of architecture will bestow these talents on you.

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