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5 Dangers Quacks Pose To Architecture.

Unlicensed individuals practicing a regulated profession are quacks. Often when I talk about quack architects, it is possible to assume that these are complete impostors in the profession but sometimes they are also graduates of Architecture who have refused to get licensed. Quacks pose a serious danger to any profession including architecture. Let's get right on the 5 dangers quacks…

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ARCON Accredited Schools of Architecture in Nigeria

There are two regulators of architectural education in Nigeria saddled with the responsibility of quality assurance - thus, when applicable standards are met accreditation is granted and when not met accreditation is withdrawn or not given at all to start with. In Nigeria, the National University commission (NUC) provides academic accreditation, while the Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) provides…

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Are Modern Styles of Architecture Good For Nigerian Residential Buildings

As an architect and an observer of architectural trends, I have noticed the recent increase in popularity of a certain architectural style. In fact, it has become the fad among successful architects in Nigerian Residential Buildings. Modern architecture as we call it, stems from a period in architecture where design style was characterized by prominent horizontal and/or vertical elements, flat…

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Department of Architecture in Nigeria to become Faculty of Architecture

Approval was recently granted for the department of architecture in Nigeria universities to be transformed into a faculty of architecture. Like most may already know, there was a recent announcement at the Architects' Colloquium organized by the Regulatory body for Architecture in Nigeria (ARCON), that Architecture at Nigerian universities, which previously existed as a department under the Faculty - Environmental…

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Are Draftsmen still relevant in Architecture Today

Draftsmen in architecture today have become redundant as Architects can now effectively run their offices without them. Before the advent of computer aided presentations, manual drafting was the norm in architecture. Massive drawing boards and specially trained technicians handled and produced drawings for architects. A typical architects' office then was made up of architects and draftsmen alike. That period was…

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Architecture Vs Civil Engineering

Architecture vs Civil Engineering have had a long standing misunderstanding. People who aren't close to these professions often think they are similar. Certainly, this is not a fight of who is more superior but a quest for knowledge. As an architect I am curious to understand what makes both professions tick. Until modern times there was no clear distinction between…

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