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5 Dangers Quacks Pose To Architecture.

Unlicensed individuals practicing a regulated profession are quacks. Often when I talk about quack architects, it is possible to assume that these are complete impostors in the profession but sometimes they are also graduates of Architecture who have refused to get licensed. Quacks pose a serious danger to any profession including architecture. Let's get right on the 5 dangers quacks…

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ARCON Accredited Schools of Architecture in Nigeria

There are two regulators of architectural education in Nigeria saddled with the responsibility of quality assurance - thus, when applicable standards are met accreditation is granted and when not met accreditation is withdrawn or not given at all to start with. In Nigeria, the National University commission (NUC) provides academic accreditation, while the Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) provides…

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ARCON Board Reconstituted, Dipo Ajayi Becomes New President

The Board of the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria - ARCON has being reconstituted following an election conducted yesterday, June 12 2018. The Principal Officers of the newly reconstituted ARCON Board (2018-2021): President - Arc. Gabriel Oladipupo AJAYI (Ekiti State - F742); Vice President - Arc. Shamsuna AHMED (Minister's Nominee -F628), Treasurer - Arc.  Celestine Sunday EZE (FCT - F1429). Arc.…

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List of Architectural Firms in Nigeria

Below is the list of all Architectural Firms registered in Nigeria from 1969 - 2017 by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria - ARCON. This is the statutory body empowered to register and control the practice of Architecture in Nigeria as contained in Architects (Registration, Etc) Act A19 The Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. Click here to view…

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List of Registered (ARCON) Architects in Nigeria

Often as clients or as consultants desirous of engaging the services of architects, we sometimes find it difficult to ascertain the registration status of the architects we are about to commission. Below is a list of all architects registered in Nigeria by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria - ARCON, which is the statutory body empowered to register and control…

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