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Lagos Most Beautiful Building – Kingsway Tower

On my last visit to Lagos, Nigeria, I came across what I would call the most beautiful building in Lagos. It is located at Alfred Rewane Street, Ikoyi. It is popularly called the Kingsway Tower. While approaching the building through the popular Falomo Bridge, I was greeted by its large curvilinear, intricately detailed shading device suspended on its curtain walls…

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You Think You Know But You Don’t – Wrong Building Nomenclature

We are very familiar with a lot of buildings and the colloquial names people often call them. What if I tell you that most of those names are either incorrect or partially correct, for example, duplex. Duplex is the most notorious in this list as the word has different meanings in different parts of the world. Learn the right nomenclature…

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How To Make Buildings Disability Friendly – 6 Easy Ways

A Lot of us may have heard that the Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act has been signed into law in Nigeria. Which stipulates that it is now an offense to discriminate against People Living With Disability (PLWD). Thus, giving rise to the question; how can we make buildings disability-friendly? Certainly, you and I don't set out to discriminate…

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Are Modern Styles of Architecture Good For Nigerian Residential Buildings

As an architect and an observer of architectural trends, I have noticed the recent increase in popularity of a certain architectural style. In fact, it has become the fad among successful architects in Nigerian Residential Buildings. Modern architecture as we call it, stems from a period in architecture where design style was characterized by prominent horizontal and/or vertical elements, flat…

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Strong Winds and Your Building

I came to the office on Monday after a beautiful weekend to see that a part of the roof of our office building at the university had been blown off by a strong wind. It wasn't only the roof that was affected but the ceilings and the facade's curtain walls in the direction of the wind. I moved round to…

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Comparing Modern Buildings to Modern Cars

Why aren't modern buildings up to modern cars in trends. Recently, during a class with my students on introduction to architecture, I jokingly made a statement that later got me thinking I said to them that ‘even in 2017 some of us still design 1960 model buildings After the class, I had to reminisce on that statement. Is it was…

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Do Pillars make Buildings Finer

Recently I was in a conversion with a client desirous of architectural services. He specifically asked for Pillars in his building. Requested the architectural design of a private residence and gave me his brief verbally and even made sketches which impressed me. Towards the end of the discussion he said ‘please put a couple of pillars at the front of…

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How To Build A Budget Friendly Home

How to build a budget friendly home has become to priority of most. Some African economies including Nigeria are currently experiencing negative economic growth, recession and cost inflation. This has led to skyrocketing and unpredictable cost of goods and services. Unfortunately the cost of building materials, professional and artisan services are not left out. The resultant elaborate cost gets passed…

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