recycled architectural designs

How To Avoid Second-hand Designs

In this article, I am discussing my views on recycled and custom-made designs in architecture, and exploring the reasons why architects engage in this practice and if I believe they should. I am also examining the consequences of this practice for both architects and clients. I share my own experience with a client who requested me to undertake a design for a lower fee and explaining the reason why the client did not use the previous architect.

2 types of Clients: Navigating the Architect-Client Relationship

The blog post discusses two types of clients that architects may encounter: Client A, who is a gentle client who trusts the architect’s work and does not interfere with design ideas, and Client B, who is an informed/exposed client who is confident in their own ideas but lacks architectural skills. Client A is considered a dream client for architects while client B can be both interesting and difficult to work with.

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