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8 Clauses That Empowers Architects On Construction Sites

The duties of the architects, contractors, and clients during construction are spelled out in a contract form for clarity. That form is commonly called the Conditions of Engagement. In that contract, clauses that empower architects, contractors, and clients are inserted. This contract will not only empower but also state penalties for defaulters. The most common document architects in Nigeria consult…

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How To Make Buildings Disability Friendly – 6 Easy Ways

A Lot of us may have heard that the Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act has been signed into law in Nigeria. Which stipulates that it is now an offense to discriminate against People Living With Disability (PLWD). Thus, giving rise to the question; how can we make buildings disability-friendly? Certainly, you and I don't set out to discriminate…

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How To Calculate Architect’s Fees

There is so much misunderstanding about how to calculate the professional fees of architects and engineers in the building industry. This article teaches you how to calculate the fees of architects either as an architect yourself or a client. The template for professional fee calculation for all building consultants in construction projects is similar. The major difference is in the…

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10 Super Cool Gadgets For Architects

Architecture is a profession of gadgets. These gadgets help us effectively execute our works and fulfill our tasks. This is a list of 10 awesome gadgets for architects, designers and engineers. 1. Laser Measure Bosch laser measureusing a laser measure Laser tape measures are alternatives to traditional metal tape measures; they're used to calculate lengths, widths and heights of up…

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6 Software Every Architect Must Have

 As you already know, the modern Architect can't be separated from his software. This is a list of 6 awesome software every architect must have. To start with to be efficient and effective today, architects need to design with computer software. It doesn't only make design and presentation easier, it also makes design output economical, faster and competitive. Are you…

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Best Career Path for Young Architects

Career Path for young Architects are diverse, however, the best path is what the article seeks to identify. Unlike other professionals, many architects graduate annually to meet few or no job opportunities outside. For the unprepared this may be a setback because not all graduates are entrepreneurial. Most usually settle for work in organizations before  setting out on their own.…

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