Do Pillars Make Buildings Finer

Recently I was in a conversion with a client desirous of architectural services. He specifically asked for Pillars in his building.

Requested the architectural design of a private residence and gave me his brief verbally and even made sketches which impressed me.

Towards the end of the discussion he said

‘please put a couple of pillars at the front of the building. You know when buildings don’t look like the White House they are not very appealing’.

By this he meant I should use the column decoratively around the entrance of the building.

This statement is not unusual. Most times you may hear them as request from clients. Other times, see them as expectations especially when making initial presentations.

When clients are very specific with their design requirements, it makes the work easier. The solutions to most design problems are proffered but whether those solutions solve the problem effectively is a different matter.

One big question I still need to answer is:

Do pillars in building facade guarantee aesthetic appeal?

The answer to this depends on your orientation.

As architects we know that there are several ways of achieving aesthetics in designs. There are several architectural styles. To use any, we must first ask ourselves; what the societal perception of that style is?

Humans as we know are social beings, easily influenced by society and in turn want to influence society.

They are very likely to succumb to prevailing architectural style informed by their exposure. A complete deviation from this prevailing style may deprive the client of his social clout and relevance and maybe the architect of his fee.

Do pillars make buildings finer | My design of a building with pillar

The picture above shows how I went about introducing columns to the facade of the building, to see more images click here.

But the question once again is;

Do pillars in building façade guarantee aesthetic appeal?

Pillars in building façade is not synonymous with aesthetic appeal but with social relevance. Even the white House and it’s columns which I earlier spoke about, are not the sole model of architectural beauty in the US.

Whether they guarantee aesthetic appeal is a different argument. I will agree that when well used pillars conveys presence and grandeur.

The use of a broader range of architectural style in any environment guarantees richer and more interesting urban landscape.

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