Rebranding for Success: How I Transformed My Architecture Firm’s Name

Do you know how to name an architectural firm? Well, I finally decided to rejuvenate my blog site or website for my firm. Before now the name of my firm was e-mage teamwork. I

Over time I changed this name from ‘e-mage Teamwork‘ to ‘Beautiful Buildings’, a name that sparks curiosity.

Both Blogs were set up for free on blogger.

A friend of mine once said to me that the best names for architectural firms are non-generic names. Preferably personal names, giving examples such as;

  • Skidmore, Orwings and Merill (SOM)
  • Foster + Partners
  • Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
  • Adeniyi Coker Consulting Limited (ACCL)
  • James CubbitArchitects (JCA)
  • Adjaye Associates
  • Kere Architecture.

These names are business-like and classic. Yes, but can also be said to be boring and uninspiring.

To learn how to come up with a creative name for your architecture firm, you should read this post by life of an architect.

My Firm’s Name Evolution

Before I explain why I named my firm beautiful buildings, let me first talk about the name transition.

The first name I ever used for architectural services was e-mage. This was so because then I was majorly offering 3D visualization services.

I derived the name from the phrase Ehimen’s- 3D images (named after me). Which coincidentally sounds tech-like.

Hearing E-mage, you are likely to think it meant electronic images, just like E-mail; electronic mails.

Which at that time best described the 3D visualized image services i was offering.

As time went on I needed to expand my services. Moving from 3D visualizations and renderings to conventional architectural services.

As well as collaborate with other professionals such as engineers, quantity surveyors and so on. Thus, I added Teamwork.

Then the firm became e-mage teamwork. I operated with this name for almost 5 years and throughout this period this name sounded appropriate and professional.

During that period I offered 3D visualization services to architectural firms in Lagos, Nigeria, one of which was Play in Architecture.

I learnt a lot. Most of my architectural influences came from associating with ‘Play’ including the name.

The name in my opinion was informal, and creative and gave direction to the practice.

It was almost like the mission of the firm that directed and guided everyone. The meaning of the name was reflected in all its design output and I loved it.

Ultimately, this influence spurred me to redirect my practice in accordance with my expectations. We started by changing our name to our mission and our ultimate goal.

Architecture as we know has various schools of thought and paradigms. Some favour function, some structure, others aesthetics while some are a combination of all.

Therefore, I settled with Beautiful Buildings to remind us of the paradigm that should excite us.

However, beauty in architecture surpasses form or appearance and can be made evident in function and structure.

We look forward to reading your comments on the above topic.

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