2020 Complete List of ARCON Accredited Schools of Architecture in Nigeria

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4 Responses

  1. Ria says:

    Good day. Thanks for the link from the previous article. I wanted to ask if it is acceptable to get a BSc from an unaccredited university and an MSc from an accredited one to study Architecture in Nigeria and have no problems getting a license to practice after university. I’ve gotten provisional admission into an unaccredited university for Architecture which is why I’m asking all these questions.

    • Ehimen says:

      Hi Ria.

      Congratulations on your admission. I am hopeful your school will receive ARCON accreditation before you graduate, if that happens you have nothing to worry about.

      Though, there have been situations in the past where students were graduated when their departments either lost or failed to receive ARCON accreditation.

      Before now, NIA conducted the professional exams on behalf of ARCON, and whenever this happens, graduates from unaccredited programs where asked to write special exams called Finals 1 (unaccredited BSc) or Finals 2 (unaccredited MSc) or both for unaccredited BSc and MSc. This usually sets back the final registration of these graduates as architects by 2 to 4 years.

      But today, ARCON conducts the professional exams and thus, have the final say. Kindly contact ARCON to get definite advice.


  2. What about schools that are not on this list but have an Architecture department?Please could you help me out?

    • Ehimen says:

      Hi Ezekiel,

      If they are not on the list, it may mean that the school is not ARCON accredited but you can contact ARCON for the updated list.

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