My Students Can Write

At the university where I teach, we recently commissioned a departmental press crew of students named The Department of Architecture Press Crew – DAPC. It  has proven that Architecture students can write

It is an initiative of then Head of department – Arc. E. O. Odugboye. I was drafted into the crew to serve as coordinator – I assist the students in proofreading, editing of written materials and covering for financial expenses.

They write about happenings in and outside the university campus in order to inform and inspire fellow students. Architecture is their main focus but related and informative news are also allowed.

So far, they have produced 2 editions, with each having an article section, trending local and international news section, quotes and inspirational images section. Every aspect of the the publication is done solely by the students, from the computer graphics, to article writing, information sourcing and eventual pasting of printed Newsletters.

I am impressed by what these students are achieving and I know that they can do even more when given all the needed assistance and facilities – Kudos to them!

The departmental press crew has representative from each academic level, made up of 6 members among who are Adewole Etana, Jegede Osayuki, Bethel Odiyoma, Nelson Omoyibo, Jeffrey Ohuaregbe, Valentine Onwudinjo.

“The Life Of An Archi-Student” written by 100 level students.

Everyone can take things overboard like sleeping but in truth, it’s hard trying to balance this new life – “I really do miss my sleep”

I love buildings and drawings but that alone doesn’t make me Archi-material, so trust me when I say that my first “Graphics” class wasn’t all rosy, neither was “Freehand” or “Intro to architecture.” So, I formed a clique of friends who are bosses in their different fields and then exchanged ideas and life hacks – _we must survive archi oh_. I also got in touch with seniors and found out how they pulled through 100 level.

I haven’t dreamt or had nightmares in weeks because sleeping ain’t my thing these days. I came into architecture naive… I thought I knew too much fine art and technical drawing, therefore I would blow minds. But after my first Archi classes, I dropped all I thought I knew about architecture because I needed to know more… needed to be innovative and come up with new plans to survive this archiTORTURE. I find things really difficult now, but I am hopeful that this would end up being one of the best experiences of my life.

– by Adewole Etana and Jegede Osayuki

“My First Jury” written by 200 level students.

I am delighted that the jury was successful, even though this was our first. It was a very creative avenue, we learnt to think outside the box, to make our designs unique and workable.

Nevertheless, we faced lots of discomfort, such as working late most nights and researching endlessly. The lecturers were fair in the criteque of our designs and I have learnt tremendously. Lastly, I will say it was both a nervous and exciting experience. 

– by Odiyoma Bethel

Preparation for jury began for Year 2 students the moment the design brief was given. This was our first ever studio and was titled ‘Doctor’s Dream House’. We had few weeks to prepare for jury, thus meditating like Buddhist monks just to come up with that ‘perfect design’ was needless  – No Time!

Luckily, Jury was postponed till after exams. We were relieved, however, we were quickly done with exams and had just 12 days left before our new jury date. We had heard tales of how people would not leave their drawing boards, not even for a shower, until the day of jury. It was not a tale, it had become our reality! Then came the day many dreaded. We faced stern critiques.

14th of May faded away slowly and for the Year 2 students, it’s a day to always remember and the first of many more to come.

– by Omoyibo Nelson

Below are the Newsletters edition 1 & 2.