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How To Calculate Architect’s Fees

This post breaks down how the architect’s fee is calculated. It talks about the scale of fees and their various percentages, time charges, repetitive work and reimbursable fees. It contains practical and easy to follow methods for the fee calculation. Engineers and quantity surveyors will equally find the articles useful.

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How To Avoid Recycled Architectural Designs

In this article, I’ll be talking about recycled and custom-made designs in architecture. I’ll also be discussing the causes of this practice and whether architects should engage in them. Furthermore, I will examine its...

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10 Super Cool Gadgets For Architects

Architecture is a profession of gadgets. These gadgets help us effectively execute our works and fulfill our tasks. This is a list of 10 awesome gadgets for architects, designers and engineers. 1. Laser Measure...

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7 Things To Know Before Studying Architecture.

Are you wondering whether you should study architecture? or maybe you are already studying architecture and you have some concerns, then you’re at the right place. Most of my blog post are on the...


7 Tips To Getting Paid As An Architect

If there is a major problem facing independent architects, it is getting paid for designs. These 7 tips to getting paid as an architect will help designers sustain and improve their income. How much...


6 Software Every Architect Must Have

 As you already know, the modern Architect can’t be separated from his software. This is a list of 6 awesome software every architect must have. To start with to be efficient and effective today,...