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How a Quack can become an Architect

Quackery according to Wikipedia is the promotion of fraudulent or ignorant medical practice. In reality the practice of quackery cuts across almost all professions in the world. Today one of the badly hit professions in Nigeria is Architecture. Moving from being a quack to architect is therefore the focus of this article. Arc Ibrahim A. Haruna fnia, described quacks in…

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How to Procure a Building

It is a known fact that everyone including corporations at some point will be desirous to procure buildings. Either for personal, commercial or public use. There are two major ways of procuring a building.  Potential owners can either purchase or construct. In some cases they can purchase an old or used building and renovate it. Outright purchase is often easier,…

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Welcome to Archccess

Hello! Welcome to Archccess blog. Are you interested in architecture and how it is changing the world. Searching for exciting and educative articles, exclusive news and inspirational photos on architecture? This Blog is the right place to be. We offers free tips, how-to's, Q/A's and much more on architecture. Don't forget to Sign-up now for fresh and exclusive contents... let's start…

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