Sojourn Of A Nigerian Architect in Canada #4 | CACB Certification Approved

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11 Responses

  1. Elisha Babale says:

    Very insightful, I am prospecting, and look forward to initiating some of these insights along the way.

  2. Adeleye AYO says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your series and really hope to make as much progress as you have. I have tried connecting with you on LinkedIn to gain some support from you. Your page has given me so much guidance to help my confused direction earlier and I think it’s good to start my application now.

    A question though. I have B.Sc and M.E.D degrees as you do, do I get only documents for the B.Sc shared with CABC or both?

    Thank you in anticipation.

    • Ehimen says:

      You should share both BSc and MED with CACB for certification. This is important because the combination of courses contained in both our BSc and MED are essential to meet the certification requirement.

      CACB literally counts the courses, read their synopsis from your course calendar and compare them to the Canadian equivalent.

  3. IniOluwa Badejo says:

    Good morning, thank you so much for your articles. It’s so helpful. Hope you are staying safe? I want to ask did you apply for a permanent residence card before leaving Nigeria? The reason why I asked is because of the length of stay before you got the CACB certification. Congratulations on your certificate

  4. Chika says:

    Hello Ehimen, thank you for this expose. I am a registered architect in NIgeria and I recently applied for Sasketchewan PNP which requires professional licensure before you can be nominated. Can I claim a NOC 2251 (Architectural Technologist), get the provincial nomination, then when I am settled start the process of intern architect by applying for the CACB. Your thoughts and advice will be most appreciated. I had an ugly experience with the Australian body of architects. After paying their huge fees, I was given a negative evaluation with no suggestion on how to improve my credentials.

    • Ehimen says:

      Hi Chika,

      If you meet the requirement for NOC 2251 (architectural technologists) you should claim it and pursue your architecture licensure later.

  5. Adedayo says:

    Hello Ehimen, thank you so much for the story shared,. I am an HND graduate and planning on moving to Winnipeg in mid year as i just received my COPR. I will appreciate your thoughts and advice on the journey.

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