The Role Of A Project Architect

The Role Of A Project Architect

A Project Architect is a licensed architect responsible for overseeing the entire design and construction process of a building project. Their duties include project management, client relationship management, coordinating the design team and consultants, construction budget management, and contract administration. This demanding role requires a comprehensive understanding of the project lifecycle and the ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders. A Project Architect must ensure that the project is completed to the client’s satisfaction, within budget, and in compliance with design and construction standards.

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architectural designers

The Rise Of Architectural Designers

I recently wrote a post about the dangers “quacks” pose to architecture, where I referred to architectural designers as quacks. However, upon receiving resistance to my assertions, I realized that perhaps my post did not give these individuals the recognition they deserve. I learned that an “architectural designer” may have the same education and training as an “architect,” but may not have taken or passed the registration exam, and therefore cannot provide the necessary “sealed” documents for building permits. These individuals may be just as knowledgeable and skilled as registered architects, but for various reasons, have not been able to become registered.

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