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The Rise Of Architectural Designers

I recently wrote a post about the dangers “quacks” pose to architecture, where I referred to architectural designers as quacks. However, upon receiving resistance to my assertions, I realized that perhaps my post did not give these individuals the recognition they deserve. I learned that an “architectural designer” may have the same education and training as an “architect,” but may not have taken or passed the registration exam, and therefore cannot provide the necessary “sealed” documents for building permits. These individuals may be just as knowledgeable and skilled as registered architects, but for various reasons, have not been able to become registered.

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Clauses that empowers the architect on site

8 Clauses That Empower Architects On Construction Sites

The Standard Form of Building Contract in Nigeria, prepared by the Nigerian Institute of Architects, spells out the duties and responsibilities of architects, contractors, and clients during construction and includes clauses that empower and penalize those who default on their responsibilities. It is commonly used as a reference document for architects in Nigeria and for a contract to be legally binding, a written agreement outlining the roles of consultants and the extent of their duties on site must be signed by the contractors and clients.

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2 Best Cities in Nigeria For Architects

The article discusses that Nigeria has several locations for architects to move to due to fast-growing infrastructural development and economic activity. These cities have a variety of architectural projects available year-round and are funded by government and business activities. I will be exploring the two best cities in Nigeria that offer the most opportunities for architects to practice.

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5 Dangers Quacks Pose To Architecture.

The article discusses the dangers posed by unlicensed individuals practicing as architects, referred to as “quacks.” These individuals can’t be held accountable for their actions and their practices can harm the profession, lead to project failure and loss of lives, deprive licensed architects of work and income, and lack professionalism. The article also mentions that the regulatory body for architects in Nigeria has created categories for registrable individuals to encourage more individuals to become licensed architects.

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Studying architecture

7 Things To Know Before Studying Architecture.

The article discusses four things-to-know about studying and practicing architecture. The first is that studying architecture is rigorous and time-consuming, with architecture majors spending the most time outside of class studying compared to other majors. The second is that passion is necessary to succeed in the field, as the design process can be frustrating and students and professionals are often subject to scrutiny and criticism. The third is that becoming an architect takes a minimum of 9 years, including undergraduate and graduate education, professional exams, and a period of apprenticeship. The fourth is that job options for architects are limited, with many graduates moving into private practice due to a lack of high-paying job options.

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How a Quack can become an Architect

Quackery in architecture is the practice of providing architectural services without fulfilling the requirements to work as a registered architect. This can include professionals from other fields, partially trained architecture students/graduates, individuals who have acquired architectural skills on-site, and untrained individuals who use design software. To become an architect, one must acquire a degree in architecture and be licensed by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) or the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA). The process of registering with ARCON involves passing professional practice exams and working closely with both ARCON and NIA.

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