New Year, New Architects: 10 Resolutions for Professional Growth and Success

The article suggests 10 resolutions for architects to improve their professional practice and personal growth, such as developing a signature style, managing their business more professionally, networking more, being more creative, focusing on important projects, benchmarking their fees, looking professional, collaborating more, traveling more for inspiration and reading more to stay informed.

Navigating the Road to Building Ownership: A Step-by-Step Guide for Procuring and Constructing Your Dream Building

The article explains the process of procuring a building in Nigeria, where mortgage services aren’t readily available. The process involves several stages and several professionals trained to assist a potential building owner, including building professionals and building contractors. The article also outlines 5 stages to follow when desirous of a building, starting with contacting a professional in the building industry, and ending with the nominated contractor being mobilized to the site where he works under the routine supervision of the professionals.

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