Complete Architectural Drawing list of all sheets required

List Of All Sheets Required In A Complete Architectural Drawing

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of architectural drawings in the construction process and break down the various elements and numbering systems found in a typical architectural drawing document for construction. This post is a must-read for architects looking to gain hands-on experience and understanding of how to effectively convey construction information through proper sheet numbering and organization. From cover sheets and legends to site plans, floor plans, roof plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, and more, this post provides a comprehensive guide to architectural drawings and how they are used in the building process.

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Studying architecture

7 Things To Know Before Studying Architecture.

The article discusses four things-to-know about studying and practicing architecture. The first is that studying architecture is rigorous and time-consuming, with architecture majors spending the most time outside of class studying compared to other majors. The second is that passion is necessary to succeed in the field, as the design process can be frustrating and students and professionals are often subject to scrutiny and criticism. The third is that becoming an architect takes a minimum of 9 years, including undergraduate and graduate education, professional exams, and a period of apprenticeship. The fourth is that job options for architects are limited, with many graduates moving into private practice due to a lack of high-paying job options.

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Empowering my Students to Share Their Stories

I recently commissioned a departmental press crew of students at the university where I teach. The crew, called The Department of Architecture Press Crew (DAPC), focuses on writing about happenings in and outside the university campus in order to inform and inspire fellow students. Architecture is the main focus, but related and informative news is also included. I was drafted into the crew as the coordinator, assisting the students with proofreading, editing written materials and covering financial expenses. I am impressed by what these students are achieving and believe that with the right assistance and facilities, they can do even more. The crew is made up of 6 members, one representative from each academic level, and all aspects of the publication are done solely by the students, from the computer graphics to article writing, information-sourcing and eventual pasting of printed Newsletters.

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