Easy Ways to Work From Home

Working from home has come to stay. Architects and designers have always worked from home but are we doing it right? This article shows you how to work from home, it’s advantages, how to track your employees remote work, and all the items needed to work effectively and productively.

The Future of Architecture: Will AI Take Over the Industry?

There are concerns that technology is advancing so rapidly that architects like me will be replaced in the near future. Some people believe that the learning curve will be impossible for architects to overcome and Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace us. However, experts are saying that it is highly unlikely and that it hasn’t been proven that AI can replace architects, especially designers. I agree with this point of view, as I believe that AI lacks the cognitive capabilities such as judgement and emotions, that are necessary for design. Furthermore, I think that AI’s limitations in understanding human experiences make architectural design difficult to automate. However, I do believe that AI could be used to automate certain tasks in architectural design, such as gathering information, but may face challenges in more complex projects.

10 Tips For Showcasing Architectural Works On Social Media.

The blog post discusses the opportunities and challenges of showcasing architectural works on social media. It advises architects and designers to use a combination of images and words, include name/contact information on images, use quality images, update profile, tell good stories, use social media platforms that work for them, target audience, use hashtags and talk about themselves periodically to increase interest in their posts and attract more patronage. The post also mentions the most popular social media platforms for image sharing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and that pictures are easier to comprehend and remember than just words.

Rebranding for Success: How I Transformed My Architecture Firm’s Name

I am an architect who decided to change the name of my firm from “e-mage Teamwork” to “Beautiful Buildings” to spark curiosity. I previously offered 3D visualization services but expanded to conventional architectural services and collaboration with other professionals. I chose the name “Beautiful Buildings” as a reminder of the paradigm that should excite us, as beauty in architecture goes beyond form or appearance and can be evident in function and structure.

Building an Online Presence: How Blogs Can Help Architectural Firms Stand Out

This blog post discusses how blogs can be used as a free platform to showcase works, specifically for architectural firms. It compares blogs and websites and mentions popular blog sites such as Blogger and WordPress. It also mentions how to change the domain name of a blog from a .blogspot extension to a custom domain name for a fee. I mentioned my personal experience creating a Blogger website for my architectural firm and then moving to a WordPress site for a more impressive and “website-like” design.

3 ways to reinvent your architectural firm

Architects need to reinvent their firms as new professions are taking a bite from the big cake of architecture. Young architects should devise a unique method of staying relevant, especially in today’s ever-shrinking world of architecture. Collaboration, information technology and latest software and hardware and getting your work out there are the key to re-invent architectural practice. Collaboration can help you outsource specialized fields and save unnecessary overhead costs. Use of modern software can make practice easy and save thousands of unnecessary printing costs. Embrace 3D printing and utilize the internet as a resource to stay ahead of the competition.

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