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Easy Ways to Work From Home. Why Nigerian Architects Love it.

Working from home has come to stay. Architects and designers have always worked from home but are we doing it right? This article shows you how to work from home, it’s advantages, how to track your employees remote work, and all the items needed to work effectively and productively.

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10 Super Cool Gadgets For Architects

Architecture is a profession of gadgets. These gadgets help us effectively execute our works and fulfill our tasks. This is a list of 10 awesome gadgets for architects, designers and engineers. 1. Laser Measure...


6 Software Every Architect Must Have

 As you already know, the modern Architect can’t be separated from his software. This is a list of 6 awesome software every architect must have. To start with to be efficient and effective today,...


How Architects will be Replaced in the Future.

There are fears that technology is advancing so rapidly that architects will be replaced in the nearest future. Also, the learning curve will be impossible for architects to overcome and that Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace...