Architects’ Creative Thinking vs Technologists’ Logical Thinking: Understanding the Differences

This article delves into how architects’ natural inclination towards divergent thinking allows them to approach projects with a creative mindset, generating new ideas and exploring different possibilities, while technologists’ inclination towards convergent thinking enables them to focus, organize, and pay attention to the necessary details required during a project.

How to design like an architect.

As an architect, the first step in designing is to thoroughly study the client’s brief and understand their needs and preferences. I also research and analyze the site, taking inspiration from similar projects. I allow time for my design ideas to form before conceiving the final idea. It’s important to not rush the process and to understand that designing as an architect is not as straightforward as following a set of formulas.

How To Think Outside The Box For Architects

Thinking outside the box is a metaphorical phrase that means thinking differently or unconventionally in order to deliver novel or creative concepts. It is a process of divergent thinking and playfulness, as well as requiring originality, intelligence, and confidence. It is important to explore many solutions, even if they may seem unserious or impossible, and to not judge ideas during the brainstorming process. The ultimate goal is to create functional, structural, and appealing concepts that are unique and original.

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