The King And Queen Of Ozumba: Civic Center and tower, Lagos

Late in february, on my visit to Lagos, I stumbled on a building off Ozumba Mbadiwe street on Victoria Island, Lagos. It was the Civic centre and tower.

King of Ozumba.

I was coming down Ademola Adetokunbo street towards ozumba.  Then I encountered this seemingly masculine, stout looking, box-like multistory building.

It had delicately detailed crown. I couldn’t but ask within me if this was the architectural king of Ozumba.

I am very familiar with the ozumba mbadiwe corridor. During previous visits to this road, the civic Tower was still under construction.

Then, it appeared that when finished it would be a simple box. Therefore, you can understand my shock when I noticed the look transforming crown on it.

Queen of Ozumba.

The Crown noticed above was very similar in concept to the look transforming crown of its queen, the civic center.

Who appeared more regal, intricately detailed and considerably smaller.

The king and queen of ozumba mbadiwe road | civic  tower
The Civic centre (left) and the Civic tower (right) with their respective crowns.

Why will I say that the Civic centre and tower are royalties? is Civic tower – King … and Civic center – Queen.

Firstly according to Wikipedia, crowns are mostly worn be monarchs (royalty)

The king and queen of ozumba mbadiwe road, civic centre and tower | Crowns

A crown is a traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity. For whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory.

Secondly, according to quora, on the average physiologically, adult males are bigger than female.

The king and queen of ozumba mbadiwe road, civic centre and tower | Human physique

This is because when puberty hits and the testosterone levels sky rocket in boys, we see some key physiological differences emerging.

Even when a pair of identical twins (one male, one female) reaches adulthood there will be a 5 inch height and 30lb weight difference. The male twin will have 40% more muscle mass in his upper body and 30% more in his lower body. This makes the average male bigger than the average female.

In addition, box-like forms in architecture are perceived as masculine just like the civic tower, while intricately and delicately detailed forms, feminine.

Lastly and generally speaking, the crown of a king is more elaborate and bigger than the crown of a queen.

The king and queen of ozumba mbadiwe road, civic centre and tower | Types of crown

Also this size ratio extends to the crowns of the prince and princess respectively.

With this, it was easy for me to assume that in designing the Civic Tower and civic center the architect had in mind, Royalty! Where the Civic tower will be the King and the Civic centre the Queen.

Therefore, giving them their respective defining features and crowns.

Are we to expect another king?

But a major observation that unsettled me was that unlike the civic center whose crown is proportional to its size, the crown of the mighty king (tower) isn’t.

In fact it looks too small for its size, making it appear as though he is a junior king or a prince.

The king and queen of ozumba mbadiwe road | civic centre
The Civic centre (queen’s) crown looks proportional to its size.

The king and queen of ozumba mbadiwe road, civic tower

The Civic tower (king’s) crown looks small compared to its size.

I found this confusing because I really don’t know if we are to expect another King of Ozumba Mbadiwe street in the future.

Thanks for reading and cheers.

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