The Salon

  • Designer: Ehimen Ebhomien
  • Location: Calgary
  • Area: 330 m2
  • Type: Mixed-use development
  • Design year: 2021

The Salon is a mixed-use development of commercial and residential use located on 20 Avenue NW, Calgary. It’s on a parcel with a land-use designation of CN-2 (Commercial Neighbourhood 2 district).

This proposal has 2-units of shopping space on the main floor (suitable for a Hair or Nail Salon) and 2-units of one-bedroom apartment on the second floor. The 330 m2 building has a height of 9.9 m (3-storeys) and sits on a 1,090 m2 corner parcel.

Floor plans

The design concept is that of a simple building form, functional layout and stacked utilities.

The building’s foundation system is a 6” concrete slab-on-grade foundation of 5 feet depth with an 8″ footing that is well below the frost line. Access to the main floor is barrier-free and this floor has a head height of 9 feet. The walls that make up the building envelope are 1-hour fire-rated 2X6 wood frame cavity-insulated assemblies.


The residential units on the second floor are separated from the main floor occupancy by a 1-hour fire separation floor assembly constructed of 11 7/8″ wood I-joist @ 24′ O.C. spacing. This floor has similar wall assemblies as the main floor except for a reduced head height of 8 feet.

Project Gallery

The roof assembly is a warm roof built up as a 2% sloped flat roof with parapet walls. On the roof is a Rooftop Unit HVAC system that supplies heating and cooling to the entire building.

This wood-frame structure has a continuous Air and Weather Resistive Barrier on the exterior part of the wall assembly and its Vapour control layer on the warm side (interior).

Construction documents

Software credit: Lumion, Autodesk Revit, Bluebeam Revu and Microsoft Powerpoint.

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