What’s Your Architectural Style.

Architectural style may vary and be distinct and noticeable features that make buildings and structures notable and historically identifiable.

Normally with time and consistency, most architects discover and develop their architectural styles. Architectural styles vary with periods and locations. Some styles are more common in certain countries than others.

In Nigeria where I practice, the common style for residential architecture is ‘eclecticism’. Click here for the meaning of eclecticism; generally, it is a cocktail of elements from historical styles.

As an architect, I offer a variety of architectural styles even though I have a preferred style.

I decided that in 2018 my firm will mostly be designing buildings with modern and contemporary appeal even though this hasn’t been so easy.

Sometimes, I still find myself resorting to the popular architectural style within my locality. I end up designing buildings with steep hip roofs and several non-load-bearing decorated columns to delineate building entrances.

You may wonder why? – sadly there are several reasons:

  1. It’s the most popularly demanded design style in Nigeria by clients.
  2. Its hip roofs are most suitable because of our heavy rainfall and easy to maintain too.
  3. Its columns are grand and beautiful, thus, they depict a sense of wealth and power, etc when used externally.

Luckily for me, my first design project brief in 2018 specifically requested a building with a modern look and even included a picture of what the expectation was.

My belief is that as knowledge and architectural exposure increase among clients and architects respectively the demand and design of unique and pure architectural styles will increase.

One thing I am curious to know is whether it is advisable for young architects to stick to specific architectural styles.

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