Why Our Buildings Are Loosing Characters – And How To Fix Them

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2 Responses

  1. Jesse Onovre says:

    Thank you Ehimen. There is wide and obvious truth in Point number 4, under the subheading The reasons for weak characters and forms in buildings; and point number 2 of the following subheading.

    In truth, I have personally observed that some of the worst-looking pieces of architecture in our city centers were surprisingly done by so-called registered architects. One could easily misjudge these buildings as products of "quacks" (until you read the on-site project/job board) whereas they are products of trained architects. Sometimes I wonder why trained architects would copy architectural inspirations from "quacks".

    For me, I think a vast mixed company of registered architect should stop jiving in the euphoria of "I am a long-practicing Architect" and get down to observing how their architectural works meet the needs of their clients and responds to site forces in the light of your submissions in points number 4 and 2.

    My advise to them is to always be guided by this apt biblical expression: "SO, LET THE ONE WHO THINKS HE IS STANDING, BEWARE THAT HE DOES NOT FALL". (1st Corinthians 10 verse 12). This works well for some of us when we attempt to create architectural pieces.

  2. Thank you very much Jesse, I am glad we agree together on the need for architects to upgrade in order to improve their works.

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