Building an Online Presence: How Blogs Can Help Architectural Firms Stand Out

Did you know that blogs can be used as an internet platform to showcase your works for FREE just like a website? Do you feel the need for an online presence specifically for architectural firms?

You are at the right post.

Blog vs. Website

Compared to blogs, a good website has more versatility in its use and design. However, requires professionals to set them up. They can be expensive to build/run and needs periodic and expert maintenance.

Whereas, blogs are cheaper, most times free and can be set up by anyone.

The most popular blog sites are Blogger and WordPress. Blogging on Blogger (Blogspot) is completely free and easy to use.

I used blogger for 2 years before moving to WordPress. Besides Blogspot, there are other platforms that can be used like WordPress.

WordPress sites are really beautiful and have both blog and website themes depending on what you want.

Architects and Blogs

The use of blogs to showcase works isn’t only for architects and designers. It can be used by anyone who has ideas and products to share online.

Blogs provide a FREE online presence to get your ideas, projects and contact information visible and accessible to prospective clients.

Once you’ve created your blog you can start promoting it as footers or headers. this could be in letters and emails to clients, friends and family. Also, you can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You no longer need to send your work repeatedly as email attachments to clients. Also carrying them around in flash drives or CDs will be unnecessary.

I know some may say in the 21st century? But a lot of Architects still do that.

For example, when you end your email messages you can write; Regards,
James Newton.
you can view more of our works on the link above. One concern I initially had was that Blogger’s blogs come with the ‘.blogspot’ extension. Which I didn’t want on my web address. For example, you will notice that all blogger domain names have this format;

I have heard people say for a Blog this is fine, but for an architectural firm, you may not be taken seriously. This will be so because it’s free and basic stuff. After all how much will a good and professional website cost?

It’s an issue even though essentially a blog will deliver the goods. A way to address this is to write the name of your firm in a link. By making a link out of that name you hide the Blogspot link. For example:

James Newton.
you can view more of our works on the link above.

Domain Name for your Blog

Also I discovered how to go about the domain name change from what I wrote previously to You can click on the link to test it.

I believe young practice with these is set for the next level.

The change to a custom domain name will cost you some money. Though nothing compared to the cost of designing a website from scratch.

Purchasing a domain name and hosting may be expensive too. You may not necessarily need a custom domain name now when starting off.

For my custom domain name, I purchased it from, (a Nigerian IT company). I didn’t know them before now and found them online.

Their response to my registration and request for the domain was prompt and professional. Within less than 24 hours I was done with domain registration. It cost a total of N3,900 per year (2018).

However, there are several other domain name registration sites you can buy from. Just search for them online.

Blogger VS WordPress

I am not a web designer. Nevertheless, this would help young architects and designers fast-track their success. Developing an internet presence to showcase their works is necessary.

I recently created a Blogger website for my architectural firm. It is different from the WordPress site I created for my blog.

It was free at the time and easy to set up. I choose WordPress over blogger because WordPress themes were more impressive and ‘website-like.’ You can check out the site at

Take time out to visit google and search for beautiful bloggers and WordPress blogs. You will be blown away by the wonders people are doing with blog designs.

I like we all know architects are particular about looks.

Blogspot like I said earlier is free online and easy to set up. WordPress has freely hosted versions and paid-hosted options.

I set up mine myself and therefore you can.

How to Set up a Blog with Blogger

There are lots of articles on the internet on how to set up and start a blog with Blogger (Blogspot). So I will not be dwelling on the process in detail.

Please read what I got from the ‘how-to’ tips from Wikihow. Go to their website to learn more, they have images to guide you.

Follow these steps to set up your blog:

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your Google Account or click “Get Started” to create one.
  • Enter a display name and click “Continue”.
  • Choose a title and a URL for your blog.
  • Enter the word verification and click “Continue”.
  • Choose a template for the design/layout of your blog.
  • Click “Start Blogging”

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